Daisy Off to New Foster Home

We enjoyed our weekend with Daisy, but she is gone now to her new foster home. Its a family with two young girls and two big dogs. This will be much better for Daisy as she needs bigger dogs to socialize her. Her and Ruby were not the best match as Daisy was too big, and Ruby didn’t appreciate those sharp puppy teeth. Anyone interested in Daisy should act fast as there has already been two calls about her, and a couple came to our house to visit her on Sunday.


New Foster Puppy – DAISY

Say Hi to Daisy! She is our new foster puppy, who came home with us today. She and Ruby are already playing like crazy. She is a very friendly girl, who feels pretty much at home already. She is scared to go up and down the stairs in the house though. She may only be with us over the weekend because she may go to another foster home (someone who can accomodate her for the whole summer, as we have some holidays booked). We will enjoy her for the weekend, and let everyone know she is available for a forever home. 

Chief Adopted!!

I am so happy to say that Chief was adopted on Saturday. He went to a great home of a family who lives on an acreage in Devon. His new family has another dog named Chelsea, who is older but will be a great friend for Chief. Chief will have lots of room to run around and play as his new mom loves to go on long walks around their property, and plans to do agility classes with Chief in the spring. They also have horses at their place, so I couldn’t have dreamed of a better home for Chief. Of course, I had tears at Petsmart when I had to bid him farewell. Only three weeks with us and my heart was already attached to this beautiful boy. It was a great experience to have Chief with us for the holiday season, and so fulfilling to see him go to a loving forever home.

Adoption Day at Petsmart

It’s me Chief. While I’ve really loved staying at my foster home for the past three weeks, I would really like to find my forever home. If you would like to meet me in person, I will be at PetSmart located at 9934 170th Street in Edmonton on (tomorrow) Saturday, January 2nd from 12 to 3pm. Believe me, to meet me is to love me, you won’t be disappointed. I love to give big kisses and hugs, and I really love to meet new people. Hope to see you there.

Love, Chief

Very Chiefy Christmas

Well, I think we made someone’s Christmas wish come true. Chief had a great Christmas. He got to go out to Gary’s sisters acreage for Christmas Eve. He was bouncing through the tall snowbanks like a bunny rabbit, he just loved it. Chief, Chanice and I went for a long walk on the property where Chief followed right behind me all the way. We skated on their outdoor rink while Chief chased and followed us around. We heard him bark for the first time as he was chasing Gary as he skated. Chief was excellent with all the kids and other guests at the festivities.

For Christmas Day we went to my parents house and it was Dogtown over there. Four dogs in attendance, Chief, Ruby, my parents dog Rocky and my brother’s dog Molson. Eventually a cohesive pack was formed, but Molson and Chief got off to a rough start. Molson being a Min Pin wanted to show Chief who was boss. And although Chief is probably three times as big as Moe he was jumping on couches to get away from him. We decided they needed to have some ‘getting to know each other time’ outside in the backyard while me and my sister n law supervised. Chief is so docile, but finally let out a warning bark to Moe to say “Don’t boss me, pint-size” and after that they were fine and we had our Christmas pack.

Today we are having a lazy Boxing Day at home and Ruby and Chief are just chillin and playing.

Christmas Pups

Took forever to get this picture

Chief and The Laundry Room

At night we put Chief in the laundry room. He has his own prime little suite in our house, but he doesn’t like it too much. He’d prefer to be squeezed between Gary and I in the king-size, I’m sure. We have noticed Chief does suffer some separation anxiety especially at night when he has to go in the laundry room. We are trying to be firm with him and not let in too much. We did start out trying to put him in a kennel at night and he was freaking out big time. So, we did cave and just let him have the laundry room to himself. He scratches at the door and whines for about half hour to an hour. Last night I had some firm words with him and he piped down pretty quick. He does listen exceptionally well to us, which is a bonus. Unfortunately, this (separation anxiety) is very common with abandoned dogs and we just need to be patient. We did have Ruby and him in the same room for awhile but Ruby was barking at every noise downstairs because he was keeping her up and that was when nobody was getting any sleep.

Chief - Handsome Side Profile

Chief & Ruby Fast Friends

I’m so impressed with how well Chief and Ruby are getting along. They have been playing together since day 1 and really have a great time out in the yard in the snow. Chief will easily just leap through the high snowbanks and Ruby will try to follow where she can. Ruby comes back in the house covered in little snowballs that stick to her fur, while Chief looks no worse for wear. Chief is amazing on the leash, he walks right beside me and just keeps pace with me. Where as, my dog who I’ve been trying to train for the past year, pulls and is still to excitable on the leash–go figure. Its so funny while walking, Ruby will leap at Chief and try to give him a headlock grip. Its like watching that old Looney Tunes cartoon with the small dog and the big dog “Look at me Chief, look at me, I’m walking with you, can you see me? wanna play? Hey Chief?” When they play inside Chief will roll on his back and Ruby will tackle him, he’s gets into the playing but is still gentle with her, its fun to watch.

Chief & Ruby